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Morris Margulies Law Firm is Open and Available to Help You Now!

In these extraordinary times, we are all facing difficulties.  Our mission is to assist those who are facing financial hardships. Morris Margulies is open as an essential business. We are here to help guide you in how to keep your family home and survive these financially precarious times. How will you pay your rent or mortgage, how will you maintain your car payments, student loan payments and other accumulating debts?

Bankruptcy Courts Are Open!
Contrary to what you may have heard about courts being closed, the US Bankruptcy Courts throughout the country including Maryland and Washington, DC remain open. As you have probably read, large department stores such as JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and others have filed for bankruptcy protection from their creditors. However, bankruptcy is not just for large corporations, many of the provisions of the bankruptcy law are there to protect individuals from their debts and creditors. We can get you the protection you need quickly!

We are open and now offer “Virtual Bankruptcy”. What does “Virtual” mean? It means that you can file for Bankruptcy Protection without having to venture out of your house. You’ll be connected to us, just not in the same room!

Virtual Bankruptcy Step By Step:

  1. You call (301-816-1600) or email us ( for a free phone consultation. In the first phone call, we review your situation to see what we can do to help.  We’ll analyze whether Bankruptcy can help you. You may have many options, and we can help you determine which one would be best for you based on your specific situation.
  2. Next, if we determine we can help you, we will let you know the cost, send you a retainer agreement and some paperwork that you will need to sign, complete and send back to us.
  3. Then, we can prepare your Bankruptcy documents for you to review, go over them with you, and you can sign them from home and send them back to us for filing with the Bankruptcy Court.
  4. After that, we will prepare you for your hearing with the Court appointed Trustee, and will join you on Zoom or by telephone at the meeting with the Trustee.

Laura Margulies has retired from the firm, however she continues to serve as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy Trustee for the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland, Greenbelt Division. If you are a debtor or a debtor’s attorney you may click here for a list of documents and forms that you will need for the Section 341 meeting.